Function & Features TTS GPS

Function & Features


  • GPS integrated with signal receipt of 20 chanel, which then provides all the relevant information related to this feature. Sportek TTS GPS offer soo much navigation function thank's to GPS map!

  • E-COMPASS function for tracking the position / direction .. Simulation with an electronic compass.

  • Import/Export TRACK: Tracking your training path or make your to import in your device! You will can to use GPS map to see the direction of its in real time and you will can to use our training software for build your tracks to import.

  • Smarte track back: A function to indicate the path / direction to return to the starting point
    Ability to program path in Training coach software (supplied with the cycle computer) and then export the device so that you can follow.

  • Ability to store position with saving the "waypoints" (up to 100 locations).

  • Ability to reach location (waypoints), after stored on your device, you can follow the instructions / direction to reach the desired spot

  • Ability to search position "Waypoints" thanks to the work of synchronized: barometric sensor / E-compass and GPS, you can locate the site requested by entering the information necessary for the proper tracking.

  • ANT+ compatibility: Sportek TTS GPS for connecting with sensors use 2.4Ghz ANTsport connection, so it offer possibility of to be use with all sensor on the market that have got this connection, also of others brand!

  • Heart rate monitor: Sportek TTS GPS is a really great and professional cycle computer so it offer all most important function of heart rate performance in bpm or %

  • Sportek TTS presettation for all sensors, on a special page for the configuration of accessories, for a simple association with sensors: Speed ​​/ Cadence / Speed ​​& cad / Heart rate monitor / sensor power. (also if we reccomand to use our hert rate chest strap Sportek HR01 and our combo sensor Sportek 2in1 for speed and cadence).

  • Power point: The device is preset and is compatible with the sensors for the detection of watts through ANT + technology, so equipped for work dectailer with this important professional function!

  • Virtual trainer: This feature can simulate your virtual coach to achieve preset goals

  • Auto STOP / START: ability to set the device so that it auto locks when a stop or when the speed drops below a programmed value by 'user, with automatic restart when the' user again.

  • Clock system: page dedicated to the display of time / date / day.

  • Alert Clock: ability to set an alarm or sound.

  • Backlight: Ability to set the duration of the backlight, that the 'user can activate by pressing the power button, in times of need.

  • Bike setting Info: Ability to insert / store information of their own bicycle, including the diameter of the wheel (mm) (information necessary for the accurate calculation of the current speed, only if you use sensor) with the possibility of storing the information of N. 5 different bikes.

  • Personal setting Info: Ability to insert / store your personal information.

  • Setting page: Ability to customize the display of information of each training page.

  • Calorie counter: calorie calculation based on heart rate

  • Barometer: it is equipped with a barometric sensor for accurate calculation of the pressure / altitude, slope, and current temperature.

  • Altimeter: Thank's to integrated GPS and barometer, Sportek TTS GPS is a really good altimeter, offering: current altitude, max altitude, min. Altitude and totally elevation gain.

  • Alert trainer: ability to set alarms sound or graphics to achieve certain values ​​of training.
    Function areas: Ability to insert / store your parameters to the various areas of allenemento staff (valid for function parameters and cardiac watts).

  • Data saving: ability to store (up to 'out of memory) workout data directly to your device and view information / details on it for each session directly from dislpay the same without the' use of the PC.

  • Sportek SOFTWARE TRAINING COACH: Possibility to download and analyze their training sessions directly into the PC via USB cable, for anallizzare with care with every detail! Also during the 'analysis of' training will be able to visualize the path of exercise performed and the various points stored. Supporting format: .KML / .GPX / .TXT / .CSV / .NMEA

  • Date peace: a function that calculates the average path per kilometer or mile, with ability to view all the details (See training capabilities).

  • Date LAP: specific workout space indicated by 'user (usually' s execution of specific work) with ability to view all the details (see training capabilities)





PAGES: Ability to customize N. 4 training pages with choice of the number of items ( 1 to 6 per page ) and insertion of every single function space for / page and choosing whether or NO MAP page with GPS and E- Compass.
SYSTEM: Ability to set duration of the "back light " (backlight ) - time format - language - Alerts & Alarms - display - unit measures .
TRAINING: Ability to activate the " AUTO LOCK " - the display of the slope and recording training data.
ACCOUNT: Possibility to enter their personal physical parameters , cardiac and power .. Useful for the calculation of calorie consumption and personal training parameters
ACCESSORIES: PRE- setting all the accessories used with Sportek TTS GPS for easy configuration and ability to customize data : Bicycle - heart & watt setting - setting barometer & E -compass .


SPK Training Software Coach:

For analyze, save, plan and share your workouts and tracks !


• Can be used line ON and / or OF -line .
• Open and view the route taken on interface " cadastral maps " , present in the primary graphics software , with the possibility to choose between the vision in the form : Map - Satellite - Terrestrial
• Ability to program traces to be imported into the device with a special program in the software .
• Ability to Export your tracks and share them with their training partners
• Opening the graphic tradition of analysis for: Performance Speed ​​- Cadence - Heart rate - power - altitude . Possibility to select and analyze in detail a particular area with opening new interface for each zone selected
• Display of the ' entire workout in the form of "points" according to the recording data set (every X seconds) , with the possibility to see the details / extremes of each recorded point .
• Ability to compare workouts and / or individual parts with other previously downloaded and saved in the software.
• Display of all the overall data of 'training downloaded.
• Extensions rescue supported: GPX - NMEA - CSV - TXT - KML